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If You Want to Make Instrumentals Great–Consider Bringing Color Into the Equation

 For more info on how to make instrumentals awesome, consider the link in this sentence. 


If you want to experience the love associated with being able to identify essential components of a song (and thus being able to apply them when you make instrumentals of yours truly great), then consider what a friend of mine, Elijah, told me tonight. Also, later in this post, you’ll get to figure out exactly how to get this legendary trait that experienced musicians call “perfect pitch,” with me proving how you can do it in posts to follow.


He said that people with perfect pitch associate colors to a certain color. Like “A is red, A#/Bflat is a more red-orange, B is an orange, C is a orange-yellow, etc.”


To get a perfect pitch, we can associate colors, feelings, tastes, whatever–when people are able to “read” tones…it’s nothing more than easily accessible associations.


For the next ten days, while you make instrumentals, consider taking ten minutes a day to really think of a color to associate with certain pitches. That is, when you press the A key, think of the color “red” or “azure.” I advise the colors of the rainbow, the ROYGBIV sequence because it follows a logical order.


What if you could identify a pitch with the bat of an eyelash? How would it help your music career to identify the note in a drop of a hat? What if you could pull the notes from the song just by listening to it?


Look forward to hearing how your results with music improves after applying this strategy. You’ll make instrumentals of yours absolutely phenomenal. 


Talk soon!

Your Friends from PlayGrind,

Jim and Aaron


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P.P.S. Here’s that link again for the other post on how to make instrumentals amazing…check it out!


P.P.S. Check this link for an awesome instrumental music free download!


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