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Drastic Ideas for Drastic Change…Music Publishing Ideas from a Non-Professional Music Publisher


(Graphic Content Below! Not For Punks!)


Thought of you yesterday. Banging the keyboard, I came up with an interesting realization.

It could be interesting to you, because this idea came to me earlier, yet you’ll find this post more applied to making the work you really know you can make.

I don’t know this as a music publisher. I know this as a writer. Nonetheless, you will find it useful, I believe, because it applies to many professions.

You saw the above comment that suggests graphic content below. I feel you can handle this. It’s pretty intense, so imagine us coming out the other side in love and trust, which I appreciate our relationship to always be.

I appreciate your readership, and perhaps we can continue having you around—even after this post.


You may have read in an earlier post on focusing during content creation. When you focus on a specific theme when you craft your musical piece, you gain the emotional effect more readily than just by throwing stuff out there (and hoping to go one day, “Hey, man… it works!”).

You also read earlier that I said that I know this as a writer, not a music publisher. The reason I know this applies to songwriting and making these musicals of yours is because it applies to other people as well.

  • (Good) Writers know how to conform their work to the book title, chapter, article title, or section paragraph—if they don’t, they risk losing the focus and effect of the chapter
  • Actors like to think of the word or image when creating an emotion for the audience
  • (Good) Athletes focus their attention (“Hit ball,” “Ball, bat,” “Basket,” “Line, Faster, Cruise,”)

It’s “performance psychology.”


Because we’ve already covered some performance psychology in the earlier post mentioned before, in this post you’ll get a scenario to play through in your mind, which you’ll preferably play your instrument as you consider these scenarios.

Remember that we’re still friends after this.

Imagine this:

  • What would it feel like to have earned a million dollars through your newly released record or series of rock concerts from your tour? You’ve been working hard with your gigs for three years now, and your time has finally come.
  • Now, feel cold cement pressing against your knees and palms. What would it feel like to be on your knees, hands before you, and a man standing before you with a gun to your chin, knowing you’re about to lose it all? This man is taking everything from you.
  • With you on the floor, he walks to the door in this empty room. How does it feel having the gun withdrawn from your immediate person?
  • The man reaches for the door handle and stops. He reaches for his gun to his side, hesitates a moment with his hand hovering above it, then pulls the gun from his denim pocket and turns to face you. You’re still on the grown. “I’m sorry,” he says as walks too quickly to you and draws the gun back to your face. How does it feel in that brief moment before the trigger squeezes, as the explosion from bullet propels the metal from the barrel… what does it feel like in that brief moment when all is lost? What do you think about then? What have you lost? What happens for you?
  • Then, as your body lies before you, suddenly, you think of all the good you’ve done to the world. You think of how much joy you’ve given to your thousands and thousands of loving and loyal fans. You’ve reached the apex of your career, and you have fans shouting and tears streaming their cheeks as scream how they love you, waving their lighters before you, arms outstretches. You even hear of how a performance of yours saved a man from committing suicide. How does it feel? How does it feel knowing that your life was worth it? How does it feel knowing you’ve changed the lives of those you’ve touched?

You know, this is an interesting story in itself. It’s story that, if performed correctly, could probably make people a lot of dollars. Yet the formula isn’t secret to only me. Many authors and playwrights have uncovered the art of letting more than just the aerie fairy (or just the negative chains of the world) evolve from your focus with your work.

You could do a lot with this work. You could make it an award-winning movie, play, or expand it into a novel or comic series. Or you could take it and make instrumentals of yours absolutely fantastic. It’s thoughts like that which create beautiful images in the mind. It’s thoughts like the above which produce the most beautiful work conceivable to the human soul.


If you take these ideas to heart, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a greater level of success with your work. You’ll enjoy a greater level of enjoyment, of fulfillment, too, as you work.

Look forward to your long and lasting friendship as a dedicated reader and loving friend.


Talk soon!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron

P.S. Here’s the original post on how to make instrumentals of yours twice as connectable, twice as great. Let me know what you think in both posts.

P.P.S. Here’s the Atmospheres advertisement. What do you think?



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