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Let Me Give You a Reason: How to Double the Quality of Your Music Instantly

If you have Reason, a certain component of this software is guaranteed to make a world-famous musician out of you, which will, in turn, make you extreme levels of love and monetary gain.

Furthermore, this part of this amazing software will allow you to express yourself more fully than a lot of other instruments out there

With build up no more, allow me to pay homage to one of the reasons that Reason is so great.


The 2012 version of this Swedish program, Reason, comes with the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, provided you didn’t uproot it from the installation.

Thor’s an excellent component, you’ll find, because of two reasons:

  1. It works beautifully and organically with or without a MIDI device (as compared to the Kong and Redrummer drum machines… Which Thor can easily replace), and
  2. It has powerful preset MIDI sounds that even the most basic user can play with for some amazing effects.

More on the First Point:

Because it works perfectly with or without a MIDI device, I felt really happy when I found this.

A keyboard lies underneath my bed; however, the keyboard is less a MIDI to USB cable, which is essential to playing this beautiful instrument WITH my computer.

I suspect that some traveling musicians and beginning music software afficianados will like the ability-to-play-anywhere feature of this program


More on the Second Point:

Besides the user-friendly interface that works with or without the MIDI device, this software has a myriad of incredible presets such as “Bendy Reece,” “Syn Cymb B” (not “A”), and every bass wobble you can imagine, (which, if you’re into DubStep, is an absolute gold mine).

Furthermore, it has a series of very playful presets such as the “I Am Thor” and “Thor’s Tiny Hammer” inputs. Thor’s Tiny Hammer could go into a fun retro game, I suspect.

If you want to know the absolute coolest sound, though, set up “Percutron (Run)” and simply play with that, because if you’re into video games, you could definitely make a cool soundtrack or background music with just that.

(I love the guys who made Thor.)


In Conclusion:

No matter what you choose, these various (high quality!) presets allow you to create incredible music of your own.

It might even please you to know that some pretty popular bands have played many of these exact sounds (or really familiar sounds, at least).


How to Use:

When you have Reason, simply click Create => Instrument => Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.

If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard yet, like me, press F4, and Reason will present you your beautiful, world-class, on-screen keyboard–just for you… isn’t that nice of Reason?


Play with it, watch your love for music increase ever more with it, and blow your own mind with it and the melodies you create.

If you play this awesome device in this awesome software, I assure you that you WILL be amazed… Beginner or Advanced.

And, of course, you may just double the quality of your music instantly.

(However, if you’re advanced and opine that different software makes an even greater impact in the music community, I want to know!)


Talk soon, friend!

Your Friend,

~ Aaron


P.S. If you want to learn how to make instrumentals SUPER awesome…


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